Birmingham Stage Company

Birmingham Stage Company provides a complete education and outreach service which works alongside all of its productions. Since 1995 the company has recognized the importance of specialist workshops for schools visiting its shows focusing on literacy, dramatic links, theatrical techniques, fun, confidence building and enhancement of the theatre trip. We provide hundreds of workshops to West Midlands based schools a year alongside which we produce high quality workshop and education packages for schools and theatres nationwide.

What BSC can offer:

The company also offers schools, venues and organisations.

  • Drama workshops designed specifically for your requirements, for groups as small as 10 pupils up to 350 pupils.
  • PAGE to STAGE workshops, which bring your favourite book and characters to life.
  • INSETS (in service training for staff) for all concerned

You can also use our teachers packs for our current touring productions. Please click here or on the link in the sidebar to download our PDF education packs.

Holly Mansbridge (aged 7) won tickets to see The Woeful Second World War in the Young Archeologist Magazine.

"I liked all of the 3D. When the bullets came it looked like they were coming out of the screen and exploding on me. When they were at the farm a cow sticked its tongue out and licked us! I was given a pencil and a programme signed by the actors. The whole thing was fantastic. I liked going behind the stage. Behind the stage the ceiling was really high. The gas mask I tried on was a bit smelly."




Here is what OFSTED have said about our Workshops:

"All pupils attended this excellent workshop and had the opportunity to take part in drama and music. It was a very well presented session and provided an outstanding contribution to pupils' self-confidence and personal development"



"Brilliant! The leader was fantastic. Our children were totally engaged throughout. A well paced and enthusiastic workshop 10/10 Excellent! It will be super to work with you again!"
Uplands Manor Park Primary

"The workshop was excellent. The leader was clear, confident, informative and entertaining - what more could you ask for!"
Pennine Way Junior School

"Excellent! From a standing start to 100 mph in 30 seconds! All the children (220) were enthralled for the whole time."
Bishop Wood School

"They loved every minute. The leader was EXCELLENT - she encouraged, had fun, involved all the pupils and was very sensitive to individual needs."
Widney SLPD School

"FANTASTIC - 186 pupils were enthralled for the whole duration, captivated by both the content and presentation. Thumbs up to you!"
Walkwood Middle School

The Cast of Jungle Book with the children of Belarus Charity at The Cliffs Pavillion

Jungle Book storytelling session in Epsom