Birmingham Stage Company

Auntie's here!

25 September 2017

After months of planning, writing, design and rehearsal our Awful Auntie has been unleashed! We've set her free onto an unsuspecting public until December 2018. Be afraid... be very afraid!

Based on the bestselling children's book by David Walliams, RSC and National Theatre actor Tim Speyer takes the title role on his return to the Birmingham Stage Company. He's joined by Harry Potter star Georgina Leonidas as our heroine Stella and, fresh from their roles in Gangsta Granny, are Ashley Cousins as Soot and Richard James as Gibbon. You can see everyone in this photo - along with author David Walliams, of course.

It's the biggest, most technical show we've ever staged and is heading out across Britain for the next 15 months, so go see her - before she comes looking for you!! 

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