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Tom Gates is coming soon!

11 January 2019

Tom Gates is coming soon!

The hugely popular characters from the Tom Gates series of books are the latest to get the Birmingham Stage treatment as the cast begin rehearsals for their British and Irish tour. Tom will make his stage debut in a brand-new adventure written by Liz Pichon, author and illustrator of the book series.

The show follows Tom as he tries to keep out of trouble while things go increasingly wrong at home and school. It features favourite characters from the stories including Tom’s best friends Derek and Norman and their band Dogzombies. It’s not easy to impress Amy Porter and moany Marcus Meldew is doing his best to disrupt things while their teacher Mr Fullerman keeps his beady eye on them all. Things aren’t made easier when his grandparents - The Fossils - announce a big surprise and his Mum, Dad and sister Delia are doing everything to make his life difficult, which means Tom will need all the help he can get to save the day!

Rehearsals are in their second week and the combination of humour, doodle art and rock music is turning into an amazing combination!

The tour dates (with more to be added soon) are HERE

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