Birmingham Stage Company

Demon Dentist

8 September 2022 – 29 July 2023

"Birmingham Stage Company are probably the best theatre company with productions for schools and families and the children were enthralled throughout. This production of Demon Dentist is perfect for families of all ages and is now my favourite David Walliams story!"
Teesdale Mercury

"A fantastic show for all the family, with fun music, great sets and lovable characters"

"The BSC is known for its high-quality adaptations of children’s literature and this latest addition is a triumph. A wickedly entertaining, high-quality rollercoaster of a show that will be sure to entertain young and old alike!"

"Neal Foster has done an excellent job of adapting the book for the stage and Jak Poore’s music gives us some excellent songs.  Demon Dentist proves yet again what a fantastic author Walliams is and how Birmingham Stage really brings the book to life!"
Fairy Powered Productions

"Especially well-balanced, at its heart Demon Dentist celebrates the importance of family, friends and loved ones – and it does so in an accessible way alongside the slapstick humour. High production values are evident throughout, and the children in the audience are transfixed by the twists and turns of the story. It’s another hit for Birmingham Stage Company and David Walliams"

"There are some joyful, energetic and comic performances in this production. The costumes and sets are fantastic and the young children in the audience gave an uproarious reaction throughout the show!"
Everything Theatre

"This play really does have something for everyone. It’s a perfect family treat and the Birmingham Stage Company have yet another five star hit on their hands!"
Bum On A Seat

"It is a difficult feat to turn a David Walliams lengthy book into a play, but this production has pulled it off! Overall, it's an incredible play and one I’d thoroughly recommend. The huge cheers and applause truly illustrated how unforgettable the performance had been and everyone left with a huge smile on their face".

"I was hooked from the start to the finish. A great job done by all the cast on stage!"
Side Stage

"Birmingham Stage Company's partnership with writer David Walliams is proving to be a rich source of great family theatre, appealing to children and adults alike. Each scene is packed full of action, the set and costumes are full of colour and imagination, and the recipe of humour, craziness and nods towards the importance of family and friendship ensures Demon Dentist follows the BSC’s hugely successful series of Walliams shows".
Weekend Notes

"This is one appointment you won’t want to miss! Take your youngsters off to the theatre for a treat and enjoy a great time together!" 
Hull What's On

"I am huge David Walliams fan and we all really enjoyed the production – the songs were great too. Raj was my favourite character - he was very funny and made my dad laugh a lot too. This is a five star show!"
First News