Birmingham Stage Company

Horrible Histories - Barmy Britain 3D

14 October 2021 – 4 December 2021


Barmy Britain is a brilliantly fun piece of educational theatre that taught this history graduate a few new things and kept my son enthralled. History teachers of Great Britain, it’s time to up your game!
The Daily Telegraph

This funnily uproarious and surprisingly informative romp through the madder, badder moments of British history is perfect!
The Sunday Times

Is this any way for children to learn about history? Too right it is! If lessons were always like this, kids would be queuing up at the school gates every morning!
The Times

The Horrible Histories stage shows have become a bit of a British institution. It’s not hard to spot why. Think Fry and Laurie, mixed with Little Britain and a dash of Monty Python. It’s sparky, cheeky and covered in poo!
The Guardian

The Horrible Histories team can do no wrong. It’s a winning formula that receives almost universal adulation. The stage show is a brilliant watch and the two stars of the show make it spectacular.
Radio Times

These actors should be in every school history class across the land. Or, given how little most of us know about history, maybe that should be every living room.
The Scotsman

Horrible Histories brings the bloody story of Britain throbbingly alive in this hilarious show from the excellent Birmingham Stage Company. Bloody, marvellous stuff!
The Daily Express

As gleefully vulgar as a Roman poo stick! It's perfectly horrid and my daughter loved it!
The Daily Mail

Anarchic, cheeky, illuminating fun - a little fact-packed gem!
Time Out

Take your children or maybe just go by yourself. It’s a blood-stained hogshead of laughs with fascinating details of the darker side of life across one thousand years of Britain’s torment, in Foster’s crackling script!
The Morning Star

Blood, guts and gross gags - a sharp 70 minutes through centuries of our island's barminess!
Evening Standard