Birmingham Stage Company

Horrible Histories - Terrible Tudors

25 July 2024 – 1 September 2024

At just 70 minutes, it’s ideal for children (and parents of all ages) and the two actors enjoy terrific rapport with youngsters. Gore-geously grisly!
Daily Mail

A terribly funny show which successfully fills the children with glee, with roars of laughter bouncing around the auditorium!

It’s wickedly hilarious and gruesomely delightful, keeping the entire audience laughing as they transport us through history with flair and panache. A must-see for families!
All Things Theatre

An amazing show - educational, hilarious and interactive, which makes it the perfect show for not just children but adults of all ages. We all enjoyed it immensely!
Official London Theatre

In non-stop fun, Foster and Swan command the stage with a casual flair for the dramatic, perfect timing, and surprisingly impressive vocal chops. In one act of pure chaos of the best kind, the kids are enthralled and entertained from start to finish!
North West End UK

Even I, an adult had an incredibly enjoyable time. No matter what age you are, you’ll learn and laugh in unison with everyone else. It’s the perfect trip to the theatre: a great blend of absurd jokes and very horrific history!
London Theatre

This boisterous production hits the holiday sweet spot between education and entertainment. It would be high handed to argue children are too sophisticated an audience to settle for somebody shouting ‘bum’ a lot; on this evidence, it would also be wrong.
Sunday Times

You have to be impressed with Foster’s vibrant versatility, his uber-panache, his unbridled enthusiasm and his ability to squeeze a laugh out of the most mundane word. Swan is a bundle of laughs throughout the show, engaging in bants with her newly-found front-row mini-chums. A great team, Foster and Swan: a double act, literally, for the ages.
London Theatre1

Foster’s delightful confidence, and Swan’s exuberance and joyful glee, make a perfect couple to take us through the Tudor Age and all its villains. You know you have a winner with this fun packed show!
Theatre News 

An amazing, incredibly memorable family show, with a masterful understanding of its artform - lavishly detailed costumes, illustrative lighting with almost impeccable pacing - and the children were hooked till the very finale. Terrific!
First Night Magazine

A scintillating, family-focused frolic through Tudor history- a perfect piece of summertime theatrical entertainment for young audiences. It’s a big hit with kids of all ages and terrifically entertaining!
Just Luxe