Birmingham Stage Company

Terrible Tudors & Awful Egyptians

13 September 2018 – 30 November 2019

Mortgage the school if you have to. Ransom the governors, even. No child, or adult, should be denied the chance to see this: live theatre and history at its rip-roaring best.
Times Educational Supplement

The auditorium seems fit to combust spontaneously in an explosion of joy and excitement. The audience shrieked as arrows whizzed over the stalls and the children were hooked!
The Times

I learned more in two hours than I ever did at school. Horrible Histories is bloody, gory and fun all the way!
Hull Daily Mail

A history lesson all the children seeing it will never forget. Great storytelling with unexpected brilliant touches. A spectacular show!
South Wales Argus

A broad, funny and surprisingly hard-hitting entertainment. The sheer novelty of 3D Bogglevision adds immeasurably to youthful excitement and makes this show something very special indeed!
The Stage

No child or adult should miss this absolute masterpiece of entertainment. Don’t lose the chance to take your kids to see this mesmerising and spectacular show!
Kick Back Times

This production is a history lesson so totally absorbing that my children talked about it for days afterwards!

Both shows are incredibly lively fun and genuinely educational. I loved it, the wildly enthusiastic school-age audience loved it, and you'd surely love it too!
Manchester Evening News

This fast and furious show melts away the boundary between audience and stage. We weren't just learning about history, we were living it! My son said it was the best thing he's ever seen!
The Stratford Observer

Wholly accessible, educating, entertaining and enjoyable, Horrible Histories live on stage is a tour de force. Five stars out of five!

An ideal springboard for making history fun and interactive; take the class you won't be disappointed!
Teachers Preview Club

History was never my best subject, buy it might have been a different story if I had been taught like this! The production was met with an ecstatic response from the schoolchildren.
Southampton Echo

An amazing show with real stories that made you happy that we do not live in ancient times!
South Wales Echo